The Smithsonian reconstructs the USS Enterprise

Soon, the National Aeronautics and Space Museum in Washington will be enriched by another cult icon. His employees are involved in the rebuilding of the USS Enterprise, which was used to record the original Star Trek series.

The Washington National Aeronautics and Space Museum gives you access to a number of interesting exhibits in the form of legendary planes or missiles taking part in the conquest of space. Soon his collection will be enriched by an exhibit that will appeal to fans of the iconic Star Trek. Specialists rebuild the 330-centimeter USS Enterprise model, which was used in 79 episodes of the original Star Trek series, broadcast on television between 1966 and 1969.

The reconstruction of the model is designed to make it look like a troubled ship from the Trouble with Tribbles section, where it was last modified throughout the series. During renovations, the engine lights will be replaced with LEDs that will be programmed to faithfully reproduce the effects known to the fans of the show. The use of LED technology will get rid of burnt-out incandescent bulbs, which have often been replaced and will reduce the amount of heat generated. The model will also be painted in gray.

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