The first Chinese space vehicle returned to earth

Over the past few years, the dominance of space dominance has been dominated by the United States and Russia. Recently, however, other countries, such as India, have sent their missions to Mars and China, which have just recovered their first space ship sent to the Moon.

The Middle Kingdom, which is now one of the world's largest economic powers, has finally begun its cosmic conquest program. China has already placed two probes in the Moon's orbit, and now plan to send a lander there to deliver a rover to take samples from the surface of the silver globe.

This mission was not planned until 2017, but another unmanned vehicle called Change 5 was returned last week to Earth, which was recently sent on an 8-day trip to the Moon. The ship did not land on its surface, but only made a lap, and then returned to Earth, landing in Mongolia.

The purpose of this mission was to first check how the vehicle managed to enter the Earth's atmosphere to ensure that the machine did not burn when returned.

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