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Typically, anti-piracy organizations deal with large targets, and their actions are typically targeted at entire sites that distribute copyrighted files. Sometimes, however, they are satisfied with hurdles, and this is exactly what happened to BREIN, which fined the pirates of the files on The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents.

The fight against piracy is carried out in many ways. Although the most common purpose of the various organizations representing the interests of copyright holders is the entire distribution of files, sometimes their purpose is to become real hurdles, but they also have implications for this business.

The Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN attacked one of the members of the 2Lions-Team, which posted files on the most popular torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents and sued him for a fine of € 7500. In the organization’s statement, it can be read that the defendant frequently casted films and series with inscriptions and was an active member of the pirate group, putting the company at great financial loss.

After identifying the remaining members of the group, he stopped doing business, hoping that the case would break up but he was not so lucky and would now have to answer for his actions.…

Intelligent assistant in the form of obwarzanka

Emotech showed CES 2017 a new robot called Olly. A device that looks like a large bag is our assistant. It helps in everyday tasks.

This year’s edition of CES in Las Vegas abounds in new models of home robots that perform a variety of tasks. One of the newest machines of this type could be seen at the Emotech booth, which showed the robot Olly.

The robot has a rather unusual shape because it looks like a big bag. Such a design is not accidental, because in this way the foot was equipped with a range of sensors and microphones covering 360 degrees. The device is an assistant and is equipped with a machine learning technology that can interact with humans.

The manufacturer ensures that Olly is able to work out her own personality, and communication with the robot is not only simple, but natural. You can talk to him like he does with a man and expect the same style.

His personality will then develop over time, depending on his mood, preferences and how much time he spends with the robot. Later, the machine will also be able to recognize human emotions, moods, and the activity that the owner is currently performing.

The price and availability of the new robot has not yet been revealed.…

DARPA is designing a new reconnaissance drones

DARPA has recently suffered a major setback, a rejection by the BigDog robot, but has many more projects that the army will be happy to take. One of them may be the TERN project, which aims to create a scout dock capable of operating on small ships.

Large military combat drones need a lot of space to take off and land, so they usually operate from special airports, which limits their area of ​​activity. DARPA wants to bridge this hindrance, so it has started work on the TERN (Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node) project, which aims to develop a dron-based reconnaissance system specifically designed to operate on small ships.

Dron looking like a small plane, thanks to the appropriate design will be equipped with the ability to start like a helicopter, and then will fly like a plane. He will also receive two rotors that rotate in opposite directions, which will provide him with better traction and easier start.

The project is already in the third phase, which means that it is time to build a prototype that will test the capabilities of the new system. DARPA now wants to build a full scale system and test it on land before it starts working on the final version of the sea.

Possessing such a reconnaissance platform will provide the navy with a whole new level of reconnaissance capability, and perhaps also carry out offensive activities.…

Qualcomm denied rumors of problems with Snapdragon 810

The Snapdragon 810 was to be Qualcomm’s flagship product and to conquer the mobile processor market. Unfortunately, problems with overheating of the system caused the plan burned in the pan. Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing, says, however, that reporting design defects is nonsense and is a mere sabotage to harm the company’s position.

The mobile processor market is dominated by two companies, Qualcomm and MediaTek. This first manufacturer has recently lost a lot in its image when it turned out that its latest Snapdragon 810 chip is likely to have a design flaw that causes excessive heat up of the chip. For this reason, Samsung has resigned from using it in the Galaxy S6 model, and also had problems with it HTC.

Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing, denies rumors suggesting that the processor was defective. It ensures that all reports are false and that their dissemination is a mere sabotage to harm the image of the company.

In his view, the HTC One M9, which clearly shows that the hardware is much warmer than competing devices, is also unreliable. In his view, this is due to the fact that HTC did not yet have the final version of the software for the new phone, so the device functioned at the pre-release parameters. And this helped to generate a higher system temperature than it should have been.…

The Smithsonian reconstructs the USS Enterprise

Soon, the National Aeronautics and Space Museum in Washington will be enriched by another cult icon. His employees are involved in the rebuilding of the USS Enterprise, which was used to record the original Star Trek series.

The Washington National Aeronautics and Space Museum gives you access to a number of interesting exhibits in the form of legendary planes or missiles taking part in the conquest of space. Soon his collection will be enriched by an exhibit that will appeal to fans of the iconic Star Trek. Specialists rebuild the 330-centimeter USS Enterprise model, which was used in 79 episodes of the original Star Trek series, broadcast on television between 1966 and 1969.

The reconstruction of the model is designed to make it look like a troubled ship from the Trouble with Tribbles section, where it was last modified throughout the series. During renovations, the engine lights will be replaced with LEDs that will be programmed to faithfully reproduce the effects known to the fans of the show. The use of LED technology will get rid of burnt-out incandescent bulbs, which have often been replaced and will reduce the amount of heat generated. The model will also be painted in gray.…

NASA is testing a thriving jet engine

Passenger aircraft are large machines that consume huge amounts of fuel during the flight. For carriers it is of course crucial, seriously affecting the profitability of your business. Engineers of many companies are working on improving current jet engines and improving their efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

NASA engineers are also active in this field and are doing very well. They succeeded in developing a new type of jet engine, which is being tested for the first time in an aerodynamic tunnel. The engine is equipped with a completely new propulsion integrated with a fan and a component called inlet, which introduces the air directly into the combustion chamber.

It is also interesting to place the engine. Currently engines are most often located on the wing of the machine, which increases air resistance during flight, increasing fuel consumption. However, the new drive is integrated with the machine’s hull, which improves its aerodynamics.

All these changes have made the new drive much more economical than the engines used so far. Tests have shown that fuel consumption is around 4-8 percent. Lower than the current drives.…

Affordable HD camcorder with built-in projector

BenQ has created a pocket video camera with a built-in mini LED projector. The S11 has full HD resolution (1080p) and can be displayed on a large screen when a movie is shot.

The BenQ S11 video camera can be played back not only on the 3.5 “built-in screen, but also on the wall, thanks to the built-in mini LED projector – up to 50” (127 cm) diagonally.

When you connect S11 to your computer, you can transfer other videos, videos, videos, etc. to your camcorder – and watch them on the big screen. Unfortunately, you have to convert them beforehand.

The camera has a built-in LCD touch screen that lets you edit the shot material; Among other things, you can select single frames and save them in the camera’s memory (or SD card) as separate images – without having to engage the computer for that purpose.

The S11 housing is made of aluminum combined with plastic. The rounded shape and tactile screen make the camera very handy and comfortable to handle.

The manufacturer has equipped the new product with a number of interesting features, including a pre-recording function that records what happens for 3 seconds before we press the record.…

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