NASA is testing a thriving jet engine

Passenger aircraft are large machines that consume huge amounts of fuel during the flight. For carriers it is of course crucial, seriously affecting the profitability of your business. Engineers of many companies are working on improving current jet engines and improving their efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

NASA engineers are also active in this field and are doing very well. They succeeded in developing a new type of jet engine, which is being tested for the first time in an aerodynamic tunnel. The engine is equipped with a completely new propulsion integrated with a fan and a component called inlet, which introduces the air directly into the combustion chamber.

It is also interesting to place the engine. Currently engines are most often located on the wing of the machine, which increases air resistance during flight, increasing fuel consumption. However, the new drive is integrated with the machine's hull, which improves its aerodynamics.

All these changes have made the new drive much more economical than the engines used so far. Tests have shown that fuel consumption is around 4-8 percent. Lower than the current drives.

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