Intelligent assistant in the form of obwarzanka

Emotech showed CES 2017 a new robot called Olly. A device that looks like a large bag is our assistant. It helps in everyday tasks.

This year's edition of CES in Las Vegas abounds in new models of home robots that perform a variety of tasks. One of the newest machines of this type could be seen at the Emotech booth, which showed the robot Olly.

The robot has a rather unusual shape because it looks like a big bag. Such a design is not accidental, because in this way the foot was equipped with a range of sensors and microphones covering 360 degrees. The device is an assistant and is equipped with a machine learning technology that can interact with humans.

The manufacturer ensures that Olly is able to work out her own personality, and communication with the robot is not only simple, but natural. You can talk to him like he does with a man and expect the same style.

His personality will then develop over time, depending on his mood, preferences and how much time he spends with the robot. Later, the machine will also be able to recognize human emotions, moods, and the activity that the owner is currently performing.

The price and availability of the new robot has not yet been revealed.

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