Heavy Russian combat helicopter command

The Ka-52 helicopter is one of the most interesting structures we can find on the equipment of the Russian Armed Forces. This is a double heavy combat helicopter commanded by a system of two coaxial, counter-rotating bearing rotors. In spite of his organizational and commanding functions, he can take part in combat on a par with other assault machines.

Ka-52 Aligator is a modified version of the single-seat Ka-50 assault helicopter. The only difference is that only adding space for the second crew member next to the pilot of the operator, not the tandem. In order not to increase the weight of the structure, the cabin armor was lowered and the ammunition stock was reduced to 460 to 240 rounds of ammunition.

The coaxial rotor system used is characteristic of the Kamowa construction and allows the Alligator to develop relatively high speeds (up to 300 km / h, 270 km / h). An additional advantage is the lack of tail rotor. Pilots sitting next to each other are the most controversial solution, especially in the Russian army. In such a situation, a missile burst in the cockpit hurts both pilots, which completely eliminates the helicopter from further combat and significantly reduces the chance of survival of the crew.

The Ka-52 is a helicopter of command and organization of the battlefield, but with its offensive capabilities it can take an active part in the fight. Russian sources state that there are more than 60 machines of this type (as of December 2013) on the equipment of the Armed Forces of the FR.