DARPA is designing a new reconnaissance drones

DARPA has recently suffered a major setback, a rejection by the BigDog robot, but has many more projects that the army will be happy to take. One of them may be the TERN project, which aims to create a scout dock capable of operating on small ships.

Large military combat drones need a lot of space to take off and land, so they usually operate from special airports, which limits their area of ​​activity. DARPA wants to bridge this hindrance, so it has started work on the TERN (Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node) project, which aims to develop a dron-based reconnaissance system specifically designed to operate on small ships.

Dron looking like a small plane, thanks to the appropriate design will be equipped with the ability to start like a helicopter, and then will fly like a plane. He will also receive two rotors that rotate in opposite directions, which will provide him with better traction and easier start.

The project is already in the third phase, which means that it is time to build a prototype that will test the capabilities of the new system. DARPA now wants to build a full scale system and test it on land before it starts working on the final version of the sea.

Possessing such a reconnaissance platform will provide the navy with a whole new level of reconnaissance capability, and perhaps also carry out offensive activities.

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