Small black on board ISS

The conditions in space are completely different from those on Earth, and many things can not be done, for example, to drink coffee due to much lower pressure. This problem was solved by the ISSpresso machine, which in a very simplistic way, is a cosmic coffee machine. Thanks to the courtesy of the Italian Space […]

AdBlock standard equipment Asus devices

The fight against ads on web sites begins to gain momentum. The group of their opponents has just joined Asus, whose boss has announced that the standard equipment of the web browser installed on their own devices will be AdBlock plug. It sometimes happens that ads placed on web pages are very intrusive, opening up […]

Smartphone with 32 Mpix camera

Increasingly better devices installed on smartphones have made these devices are slowly replacing the compact digital cameras, perhaps soon to be able to match professional cameras. The first step in this direction is the Vivo X5Pro featuring up to a 32 megapixel camera. On May 6, the official presentation of X5Pro, the latest Brazilian smartphone […]

Excessive power consumption in Surface is a Windows Hello problem

Surface Book 4 and Surface Pro 4 tablets have recently begun to complain about battery depletion, which has greatly reduced the working time of these devices. Although the official reason is not known, but there is a high probability that it is responsible for Windows Hello. Windows Hello is a completely new biometric user identification […]

Acer Computers and Tablets

Many new tablets and computers have been released, which are referred to as hybrid. They combine the functionality of a tablet and a laptop. Acer introduces up to six lines of devices, two of which break the strict division of tablet – computer. With Windows 8, touch screens have become more widespread in laptops. Manufacturers […]

Elon Musk defends thesli from charges

Tesla Model S is a car that is not particularly emergency, so a big surprise is the sudden rush of complaints about faulty running suspension. Elon Musk believes that most of these complaints are false and is intended only to discredit the company in the eyes of its customers. Electric vehicles due to a completely […]

Current and water from underwater generators

Shrinking inventories of fossil fuels make scientists increasingly looking for alternatives to energy production. One of the more interesting ideas is the use of ocean tides and this is what Carnegie Wave Energy Limited uses. Its engineers are carrying out in Australia a project called Perth, which is the world’s first network of equipment that […]

The first Chinese space vehicle returned to earth

Over the past few years, the dominance of space dominance has been dominated by the United States and Russia. Recently, however, other countries, such as India, have sent their missions to Mars and China, which have just recovered their first space ship sent to the Moon. The Middle Kingdom, which is now one of the […]

Heavy Russian combat helicopter command

The Ka-52 helicopter is one of the most interesting structures we can find on the equipment of the Russian Armed Forces. This is a double heavy combat helicopter commanded by a system of two coaxial, counter-rotating bearing rotors. In spite of his organizational and commanding functions, he can take part in combat on a par […]

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