Torrent torrent uploaders

Typically, anti-piracy organizations deal with large targets, and their actions are typically targeted at entire sites that distribute copyrighted files. Sometimes, however, they are satisfied with hurdles, and this is exactly what happened to BREIN, which fined the pirates of the files on The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents. The fight against piracy is carried out […]

Intelligent assistant in the form of obwarzanka

Emotech showed CES 2017 a new robot called Olly. A device that looks like a large bag is our assistant. It helps in everyday tasks. This year’s edition of CES in Las Vegas abounds in new models of home robots that perform a variety of tasks. One of the newest machines of this type could […]

DARPA is designing a new reconnaissance drones

DARPA has recently suffered a major setback, a rejection by the BigDog robot, but has many more projects that the army will be happy to take. One of them may be the TERN project, which aims to create a scout dock capable of operating on small ships. Large military combat drones need a lot of […]

Qualcomm denied rumors of problems with Snapdragon 810

The Snapdragon 810 was to be Qualcomm’s flagship product and to conquer the mobile processor market. Unfortunately, problems with overheating of the system caused the plan burned in the pan. Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing, says, however, that reporting design defects is nonsense and is a mere sabotage to harm the company’s position. The […]

The Smithsonian reconstructs the USS Enterprise

Soon, the National Aeronautics and Space Museum in Washington will be enriched by another cult icon. His employees are involved in the rebuilding of the USS Enterprise, which was used to record the original Star Trek series. The Washington National Aeronautics and Space Museum gives you access to a number of interesting exhibits in the […]

NASA is testing a thriving jet engine

Passenger aircraft are large machines that consume huge amounts of fuel during the flight. For carriers it is of course crucial, seriously affecting the profitability of your business. Engineers of many companies are working on improving current jet engines and improving their efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. NASA engineers are also active in this field […]

Affordable HD camcorder with built-in projector

BenQ has created a pocket video camera with a built-in mini LED projector. The S11 has full HD resolution (1080p) and can be displayed on a large screen when a movie is shot. The BenQ S11 video camera can be played back not only on the 3.5 “built-in screen, but also on the wall, thanks […]

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