Affordable HD camcorder with built-in projector

BenQ has created a pocket video camera with a built-in mini LED projector. The S11 has full HD resolution (1080p) and can be displayed on a large screen when a movie is shot.

The BenQ S11 video camera can be played back not only on the 3.5 "built-in screen, but also on the wall, thanks to the built-in mini LED projector - up to 50" (127 cm) diagonally.

When you connect S11 to your computer, you can transfer other videos, videos, videos, etc. to your camcorder - and watch them on the big screen. Unfortunately, you have to convert them beforehand.

The camera has a built-in LCD touch screen that lets you edit the shot material; Among other things, you can select single frames and save them in the camera's memory (or SD card) as separate images - without having to engage the computer for that purpose.

The S11 housing is made of aluminum combined with plastic. The rounded shape and tactile screen make the camera very handy and comfortable to handle.

The manufacturer has equipped the new product with a number of interesting features, including a pre-recording function that records what happens for 3 seconds before we press the record.

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