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Many new tablets and computers have been released, which are referred to as hybrid. They combine the functionality of a tablet and a laptop. Acer introduces up to six lines of devices, two of which break the strict division of tablet – computer.

With Windows 8, touch screens have become more widespread in laptops. Manufacturers have seen another possibility, replacing one-piece hardware into a multitool that can effortlessly reconfigure from a laptop to a tablet.

One tablet computer is the Aspire R7, featuring a 15.6 “touchscreen. The IPS display makes movies, photos and graphics a lot of detail and saturated colors.

Unusual hinge design in the laptop allows you to position the screen in multiple positions, until the screen on the keyboard and tablet functions. R7 is offered with Intel processors: i5 or i7; HDD capacity up to 1TB; 8GB of memory. During the multimedia presentation, the 8W Dolby Home Theater speaker system is fitted for the surround.

Another ultrabook tablet – the Aspire P3. From the look of the tablet with the lid on which the keyboard is located. The computer weighs 1.39 kg and is less than 2 cm thick. The manufacturer offers it in two versions with an i3 or i5 processor. The sound is emitted by Dolby Home Teather.

Disk space is based on SSD, the manufacturer’s offer are 60 and 120 GB disk capacity. The operating memory is 2GB or 4GB. The touch screen produced by IPS technology has an 11.6 “diagonal. The operating system is Windows 8.

Acer Aspire V3 and Aspire V7 laptops are the continuation of the Aspire V5. Designed for work and entertainment, they offer large screens. Aspire V3 is the equivalent of desktop computers. The screen has a 17.3 “diagonal, GeForce GTX GT760M graphics card with 2 GB or GeForce GT750M with 4 GB and i7 processor (4).

The Aspire V7 Ultrabook features a 14 “or 15.6” touch screen, Intel i3, i5 and i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M or NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M graphics. The new manufacturer’s offer is the Acer Theft Shield, which protects data stored on your computer from unauthorized access.

Iconia tablets: A1 and B1 are offerings for Android lovers and Iconia W3, which offers Windows 8 with an office suite. Table A1 is a device that the manufacturer directs to users expecting performance and small size. The small, clear and bright IPS screen has a 7.9 “diagonal. The operating system runs on a quad-core Quad-Core A7 1.2GHz processor. The tablet is 11.1 mm thick and weighs 410 grams.

B1 is slightly smaller than A1, the diagonal of the screen is 7 “. …

Elon Musk defends thesli from charges

Tesla Model S is a car that is not particularly emergency, so a big surprise is the sudden rush of complaints about faulty running suspension. Elon Musk believes that most of these complaints are false and is intended only to discredit the company in the eyes of its customers.

Electric vehicles due to a completely different type of drive do not spoil as often as vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines. There are no injections, timing, two-wheeled wheels and other elements that are subject to frequent accidents.

In spite of this, dozens of complaints have been filed against the NHTSA (national road safety authority) for the Tesla S model for the malfunctioning suspension of the vehicle. Such a large number of complaints received in such a short time is astonishing, as it may mean that the quality of the components installed in this model has deteriorated significantly, and this in turn has attracted governmental attention.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, believes, however, that most complaints are false. He believes 37 out of the 40 complaints submitted to NHTSA are false because experts did not find their confirmation in the tested vehicle suspension. Musk conducted his own investigation and is sure that the complaints were false because the reporters gave the wrong address and VIN number of allegedly car.

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